Thursday, May 11, 2017

Insure your child's bright future through breast feeding.

Children who were regularly breastfed turn out to be more intelligent, diligent, respectful, and peaceful.
Dr Abe V Rotor  
Author's grandson Markus 2 strictly breastfed is active, healthy, apparently talented and intelligent. Breastfed children have better chances of success in life and career. Photos by the author.

It surpasses all the highly advertised milk products in terms of nutrition, digestibility and compatibility; above all it contains colostrum, the natural antibiotics that protects the newly born from a host of diseases.  

Breast feeding enhances bonding between mother and child.  It gives a feeling of security on the part of the child, and for the mother, the maternal instinct is expressed with warmth and love as the child learns more and more about his new world. 

Children who were regularly breastfed turn out to be more intelligent, diligent, respectful, and peaceful, than those who were raised with commercial milk formulas. There is a theory that cow’s milk, or milk from other animals, has adverse affect on the behavior of the child. Scientists believe that milk is designed for a particular species, and that it may influence the character of other animals, including humans that may depend on it. Caption: "Feeding is fun." (Wikipedia)

Composition of human breast milk 
total (g/100 ml)4.2
fatty acids - length 8C (% )trace
polyunsaturated fatty acids (%)14
Protein (g/100 ml)
casein 0.40.3
lactoferrin (apo-lactoferrin)0.2
serum albumin0.05
Carbohydrate (g/100 ml)
Minerals (g/100 ml)

Samantha DeSanto/PicsArt
Samantha DeSanto created an image of herself and daughter Brea, 2.
A "Nursing her has been special to me because it's our time together,"
said DeSanto. (Today, Internet) . Acknowledgement: Internet, photos and table

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