Saturday, September 23, 2017

Yes, you can be a poet! Here are simple verses.

"... and if one day the water of the sea is not enough,
drink, drink deep from my little cup."
Dr Abe V Rotor

Get out and write.

1. Foot Bridge

I walked the bridge to its far end and beyond,

And down the river to the sea I cast my pole.
It was a fight I fought, it was no longer game,
And it was neither fish nor dream I caught.

2. Mayon Volcano

Tranquility reigns on her face, rage in her breast,

If beauty exudes best from a spring of force,
I do not wonder at the shyness of a crest,
And the power of a single rose.

3. Artisan

I touched the towering figure and I was touched,

Transported to Gulliver’s land for a moment;
To meet the maker, a simple man from the hills,
Unschooled, yet his burin sings of glorious Greece.

4. Gulliver

Pygmies make giants, for the little man dreams of what he misses.

Humble is he, painstakingly working on his stead,
Until a Genie rises from his hands, mirror of a great soul.
Lo, a pupil I am, doubting my skill, my goal.

5. Children of Nature

Summer’s short, rainy days are long,

And so brief is this imagery;
The young can’t wait, and all along
The scene a blissful memory.

6. A happy lot

For just once the world is mine

With rowdy friends and I,
Happily with a jug of wine,
Words come easy, ‘Aye, Aye!’ ”

7.The other side of progress

Through time, humanity has changed through use

Of its environment for man’s needs through abuse,
From adaptation to modernization,
All in the name of civilization.

8. Youth

Pleasance to you youth, bright as the sun;

The world be at war or be at peace.
Ask not where have all the flowers gone;
Seasons come, and seasons go at ease.

9. Rage

Rage and break, rage and break,

On the cold wall and be free;
Make the sky and the river meet
Under a rainbow by the sea.

10. Drink from my little cup

Rise up from the sea and come down as rain;

rise, rise up and be weaned, to be free;
and if one day the water of the sea is not enough,
drink, drink deep from my little cup.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Markus - The Little Prince (Article in progress)

Baby's Sunrise - Social bonding at a very early age

Dr Abe V Rotor 

As the sun peeps on the horizon, it lights up the sky,
     Hills and mountains glow, and the fields wake up;
Gems from dewdrops are born as quickly as they die
     With the mist that unfolds a drama on a road map -
A new beginning, though uncertain may the future lie,   
                           The sun shines brightest on the mountain top.      

Tracing genetic lineage to the nth generation         
First solid food introduces a baby to the dining table 
Bonding with balikbayan relative 
Bonding with friends and co-workers of the child's parents
Bonding with uncle and auntie
Bonding with Lola

Papier-mâché travelogue brings back childhood

"The greatest final adventure at sunset
is a make-believe travelogue."
Dr Abe V Rotor 
Photos by the author, Disneyland HK 2017

Past your prime, and here you are in fairy land. 
to be a child once more,
returning to a place you love and not understand
innocence in its core;
 this freedom in pure childhood affection and fun
is the greatest tour. 
Here in a land where Peter Pan flies,
stars mingle with fireflies
flowers pretty smiling faces, 
of princes and princesses 
More than the Phoenix bird rising, 
little ones in its place singing,
life's continuum, ad infinitum, 
far, far away from doom. 
The little ones they are our very own
in flesh, in laughter and joy;
wouldn't the angels rather join the fun?
the heavy at heart to buoy. 
Voodoo - song, dance and play,
festival at the grassroots, 
tribal, primitive - who would say -
  all the pain it soothes. 
Life is a giant book 
to kids of unending entertainment
opportunities and adventure 
surprises and merriment.
In fantasy land it is hard to say Goodbye
even if you are very old;
the greatest final adventure at sunset
is a make-believe travelogue.~   

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Young Markus Meets the Dawn of Discovery

Great discoveries and inventions have their roots in childhood.
Dr Abe V Rotor

Christopher Columbus as a child played by the seaside looking far into the horizon with a toy boat at his feet. Florence Nightingale’s treated her first patient when she was a little girl, a wounded dog she brought back to health. Brahms composed the world’s most popular lullaby as a kid babysitter who could barely reach the keys of the piano. 

The snowmobile, earmuff, trampoline, popsicle, were all invented by kids. It was a kid who accidentally discovered (serendipity) one of the earliest human fossils. Whoever discovered the creepiest creature like the jumping spider, and the brightest supernova thought to be a UFO, could not have been an adult, but a curious and sensitive child.  

Kids can see more stars in the sky, listen to the whale’s call as music, see grass actually growing, build sandcastles.  They are discoverers and inventors in the making.  They need role models in their search and aspirations in making a better  world and tomorrow.   They are the likes of Einstein, Edison, Mozart, Da Vinci, Bell, Linnaeus, Darwin, et al. when they were young.               

Young Markus and Yaya at home in QC

Greet the morning on a flower hanging,
with dewdrops like gems shining;
Where have the gems gone at the end of day?
Come back with the sun we pray.

A wall mural and a tree trunk at home QC 

A wall mural, bats emerging as darkness falls;
a tree beside, moss and lichen astride,
here reality and imagery the essence of art. 
so in life, together lie side by side.  

Lobster's Claw (Heliconia) and coconut tree at home QC 
By semblance, a lobster is a flower;
to a child, they are the same, 
big and small by the same Creator 

keeps them play the same game.  ~

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Where have all the salmon gone? We might as well ask now.

Genetically Modified salmon could escape from farms and irreversibly destroy wild salmon populations and ultimately the ecosystem.

So with GMO rice and other crops, GMO animals - they will irreversibly destroy natural gene pools and ultimately the integrity of environmental balance, the key to sustainability.

A First for Fish: Genetically Modified Salmon 
Reprint by Catherine Zuckerman
National Geographic, January 2015
Love them or hate them, genetically modified foods are making their way into grocery stores. 

Soybeans and corn have been for sale in the US since the 1990s.  Now if the FDA gives the green light, the first GM animal, a farmed fish known as AquAdvantage salmon, could one day join the ranks.

Developed by Canadian scientists, the fish (photo) is an Atlantic salmon with two tweaks  of its DNA: a growth-hormone gene from the large king salmon and genetic material from the eel-like ocean pout, to keep that growth hormone activated.  The fish which is female and sterile, should reach maximum size quickly in the land-based tanks where it could be raised. 

To keep feed a hungry planet, the GM technology could be used in other species, says spokesman Dave Conley: "Many of the benefits have been downplayed or ignored."

Still, the company was fined for environmental violations, and critics worry the fish could escape into the wild and create new problems.  The FDA has yet to approve it for human consumption.  If allowed, says Ocean Conservancy chief scientist George H Leonard, "it's imperative to be labelled, so consumers can vote with their wallet." 

AquaBounty salmon is the first genetically modified food animal to be approved for sale in Canada. (AquaBounty)

I mourn for the inevitable fate of the beloved wild salmon

 Dr Abe V Rotor
David and Goliath, native and GM types in the wild, won't end up with the biblical ending; the smaller salmon won't stand any chance in competing for food, territory and mate, in fact in all aspects of competition in nature. 

Sockeyed salmon on the run to spawn upstream.

GM salmons will consume more - preys and other food sources - to mature earlier and bigger, armed with planned voraciousness, unwittingly limiting supply for their native counterparts, thinning the latter's population.

It is not just simple one-on-one competition; it is overall and interconnected displacement of members in the food chain, cutting links; worse, the food web is disrupted as chains are disturbed, destroying the integrity of the food web, and may collapse pulling down the local ecosystem.

Why the change in feeding habits? GM salmon carries genetic materials of two unrelated species of fish with different eating habits rolled into one - a heretofore salmon feeding, eating almost anything, small and big, live or dead, freely or covertly or savagely, often in quantities more than it needs called luxury feeding, a laboratory induced characteristic to gain Goliath size in a short time.

GM salmon invade and dominate, native salmon population narrows down, soon the overall biological diversity of streams and rivers and lakes, in fact even the ocean since salmons travel far and wide into the open sea before returning to their place of birth - exacerbated by unabated pollution, infrastructures like dam impeding free movement, over and illegal fishing notwithstanding.

Why GM salmon in the first place? Short term economic advantage to feed an exploding human population and meet virtually endless affluent living. Corporate dominance, cartel in the supply GM stock and methodology of production, making GM salmon growers down the line, captive of the "package" they themselves cannot provide except to grow the fish commercially.

Through corporate linkage with the exclusive supplier can GM producers operate, in the like of Bt Corn which is unprofitable to plant the F2 harvest in the hands of the farmer; the GM female salmon is made sterile, in the same way hybrid seeds carry suicide gene, and that hybrid vigor declines in the succeeding generations, an ethico-moral issue worldwide, 
on patenting life and depriving the small man of his right and need. 

Fishing as sport loses its essence, it is like fishing in a fishpond. The thrill dies with the GM salmon et al. In the first place, has the GM salmon lost its homing instinct? Would it rather join its half-brother eel fish living freely in the ocean? Or would the GM salmon rather stay put in its borrowed spawning ground - rivers and lakes? How about the GM-contaminated wild type, now a GM-native hybrid. Has it lost its homing instinct, or its adventurous lifestyle?

How fast will GM contamination spoil natural salmon gene pools; the answer is disturbing as egg fertilization occurs in open water, where the GM sperm fertilizes the native salmon egg, by the millions, nay billions, and here the GM female produces only sterile eggs; which means a single GM salmon male can spoil a whole stream in a short time of GM2 degenerate salmon, like BtCorn polluting whole fields of corn sans its intended resistance - both cases sowing fear, in reality and uncertainty, as to the consequences on humans and the environment.  

It might be the Waterloo of the natural salmon - symbol of pride, culture and values, barometer of pristine environment, doyen of Ichthyology, iconic specimen of natural history; I fear and lament, it might be gone forever, because genetic pollution is permanent, and that it spreads out indefinitely to contaminate the last member of the genetically related species. 

Community fishing, a favorite Canadian sport; lodging house for guests in Lac Du Bonnet where the author spent weekends fishing. 

Many a weekend I spent fishing in Lac Du Bonnet, Winnipeg River and Red River in pre-GMO era, when the adventure of youth was free of threats of modern technology, but today, in postmodern era, I can only go back to cherish sweet memories in archive - and holding hope for the brighter side of Homo sapiens to examine sustainability for the sake of future generations and our living world. ~  

Salmon farming in floating cages and fish pens. Acknowledgement: Internet photos

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Waterfalls Under My Feet

"... when discovered they are made into a trade!
I wish waterfalls are seen only from above." 
Dr Abe V Rotor 
This waterfall, huge and imposing below,
where does it begin, where does it end?
minuscule from the air, the size of my shoe,
beyond sight afar, shrouded at the bend.

But I hear it hissing clear, tumbling down,
its rock walls shudder, the trees quiver,
flowing down the gully in leap and bound,
meanders and merrily pours into a river.

I've long wondered how a waterfall is made
Isn't by Nature alone, the presence of God?
yet when discovered is made into a trade!
I wish waterfalls are seen only from above.
These are two of a series of waterfalls on the slope of the mountain along the cable car route. Scanty rainfall at this time of the year (approaching autumn) explains the low water supply of the falls and their tributaries. Vegetation of the watershed is likewise poor, since many trees are deciduous (shedding of leaves) and dormant in preparation for the coming cool and windy months.

A cable car connects the main island of Hong Kong to Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, where the Big Buddha, a large bronze statue sits at the top near Po Lin Monastery. It symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man and nature, people and faith. It is from the cable car that these photos were taken through its glass floor. Upper photos were taken at the summit showing the silhouette of Buddha, and the adjoining peaks, while the lower photos showing the harbor and newly opened settlement are views half-way the car’s descent. The pair of shoes belongs to Markus two and one-half years old accompanied by his sister Mackie, their daddy and mommy, and grandparents.~

Monday, September 18, 2017

Toddler - Keyhole to Growing Up (Part 2 - Markus 2+)

Everyone has a friend, but grandchildren; 
God-sent in age golden, that life has no end.

Dr Abe V Rotor   
Toddlers when the bed is upturned,
cave instinct, trench to hide; 
Jung's archetype often wondered, 
of life beneath and outside. 
Daddy's boy, bright as the sun,
and all the love and fun;
ephemeral the age in his arm,
'til weaning is no harm.   
Cable car ride, Honkong 2017
On a glass floor of a cable car, 
like flying or walking on water;
conquer height, space and gravity,
above all fear and anxiety.  
Are we there yet? Often asked again and again;
not yet little one, wait;
but early to ask ahead of others indeed a gain,
than those of little faith.       
Between two grandmas he's filled with love;
more than parents alone can give;
Confucius smiles from above to down below,
to see his creed well received.   
Large forehead and ears.
keen eyes, pursed lips,
tight jaw and tilted chin, say,
he is the man of tomorrow
Independence is all we need to give, 
trust and confidence to a child;
like sheep on a meadow sans the shepherd,
to live life without a guide.  
At a Hongkong restaurant 2017
Culinary art, visual expression of taste;
like humanities, expression of values,
crafts of the artisan at the grassroots,  
culture in different views. ~