Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How do you know a True Bug? Are you Bugged?

How do you know a True Bug?  Are you Bugged?
Dr Abe V Rotor

Harlequin Bug Nymph

Last instar of Stink Bug nymph. Note pair of wing pads.

Adult Stink Bug

Insects are often called bugs. But the real bugs belong to Hemiptera, the Order of insects to which the Stink Bug, bedbug, rice bug (atagia), black bug and green bug (Nezara viridula) are members.

True bugs emit a characteristic odor, specially when crushed. This is a practical way of telling an insect if it is really a bug. Bugs secrete a caustic substance that is corrosive to the eye and skin. (If affected, wash with warm water and soap.)

Bugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis - egg, nymph, and adult. Both the immature and mature insects have sucking mouth parts. They subsist on the sap of plants, resulting in stunting, defoliation and death of the host plants.

The term "bug" is a spy term. Bugged, means "being secretly monitored", usually with an electronic device, such as a miniature microphone.

Bugged could mean an exaggerated zeal for something (camera bug). It could mean the failing of a machine, or the compactness of a car (buggy). Think of the surreptitious nature and other adaptive ways of the bedbug. ~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Movie Parade at UST (1611-2011, Quadricentennial Celebration)

                                             Local movie on the life of Rizal, an alumnus of UST
Photos by Abe V Rotor                                         

Movies took over the stage,
created make-believe players;
from arena to theaters,
cinema to home screen
these hundred years.

How technology spanned
live drama and celluloid,
Charlie Chaplin and Lucas,
Carl Jung and Simon Freud,
the young and the very old.

Hollywood to Bollywood,
white actors to colored,
aristocracy giving way
to realism on the road,
in stories simply told.

This is not all. It is just
the start of the future
which we live in today -
postmodern culture
in cyber adventure.

Movies, movies, movies
defy classification,
on Internet, television,
from studio to home grown
video to animation.

Quo vadis, movie?
where are you headed for?
for whom are you made
as we had known before,
at the local shore?

Is this a sign of demise,
of the movie, the classical,
movie, the great adventure,
movie, the historical,
true and ideal?

Movie does not speak,
or we just can't hear anymore,
under the heap of this strayed art
yearning not for more,
but for some quality score. ~

A popular movie animae

Scary theme, musical treatment

Witches walk the campus

Alice in Wonderland

"Good triumphs over evil."

Shrek and Company
2012 - Year of the Dragon

Pirates of the Caribbean


Monday, March 5, 2012

Doves Flying at Sunrise

Mural and Verse by Abe V Rotor
Doves Flying at Sunrise (2000 to 2007). There is a feeling of ascendancy in this painting. The diagonal perspective enhances such movement, while splashes of light heightens daybreak. The rough sea and dark foreground give contrast to the painting. The hideous presence of large reptiles creates enigma as to what the artist wanted to imply. Mystery in art is an important element. (Wall Mural SPU-QC, 2007-2010. NOTE: Mural had to gave way to landscaping.)

Take me from this world a moment toe mural.  be with You in this holy event;
From your seat to down below I see my friends, my enemies - and me.