Saturday, May 20, 2017

I love to paint fish in the deep

Paintings by Dr Abe V Rotor
Which way is in, which way is out?
a school of fish moving about.

Fish imprisoned among the weeds, 
their nests, food and other needs.

Piggy ride for joy in the deep, 
a mother for its young to keep.

The color red to revere,
to rule the deep by fear.  

 Forest of the sea, forest on land, 
 the Creator's contiguous plan. 

Riddle in hide and seek, 
mimicry of the meek.

Christmas every day among the coral reefs,
to humans, save a Season, the world sleeps. 

 Like cavemen before, fish live in cavern,
allegory of the cave they didn't learn. 

Survival -  bloody, rough, ruthless, yet the rule,
like men, the brave triumphs, woe to the fool. 

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