Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Converse with Verse Part 2 - "Whisper of summer rain soothes a longing pain..."

Dr Abe V Rotor

11. The valley is still, the fog thick and gray;
many a dream is born and gone astray;
once a beacon now ringed with light
where once a moth died in a noble fight.

12. The sail must catch the wind
like a bird; the boat glides free,
for nothing is more fearful
than doldrums in the sea.

13. Lemonade is sweet
even without tasting it,
sans test or any gadget;
seeds float, they rarely sink.

14. The spider protects her brood in tempest,
shepherds her tiny ones from the nest.
Ask Charles Darwin the explanation,
and Robert Bruce the exclamation.

15. Whisper of summer rain
soothes a longing pain
sending a chord fresh and cool
that hums through the soul.

16. Keener the senses are at the end,
deeper kinship lies at the bend;
everyone a friend after the Fall,
the past we bid, welcome to all.

17. Life comes from colors, colors in light,
light from the sun, light to the plant,
plant to animal, whale or the ant -
and life goes on throughout the night.

18. On the Rice Terraces where I stand,
golden are the grains in the setting sun;
on the Great Wall where I walk back in time
roars a dragon amid a mournful chime.

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