Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ancestral House

Author and family at home in  San Vicente, Ilocos Sur

Three generations and a home of their own 
stands in sun and rain, season in and out,
in years lean and plenty, in war and peace,
in trials winning than losing in every bout
on life's path or on the fast lane of change,
stopping at crossroads and looking about,
where the home stands, its window bright,
like a lighthouse when the sea is rough,
and the children no more, now grown ups 
searching for a place from north to south 
where career is right and the future bright,
and the world in life cycle in roundabout.

Stands old and worn, yet proud and brave,
to welcome new faces but familiar of old
to bridge the gap of time, gap of change,
love and loyalty and faith, a thousand fold
where through time and sweet memories,
a wonderful story of a house ever told. ~   

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