Saturday, June 7, 2014

Country Road in Guimaras Island

Dr Abe V Rotor

Old asphalt road exudes the ambiance of a typical countryside.
Take me to the country far, far away from the city, 
where sound is music, nature's canvas is the landscape,
where mountains, meadows and the sea are green;
where there are no walls, roofs, and bars to escape.

Take me to the county, far, far away from the crowd,
where I'm not just a part, where I am myself again;
where there is no high rise, where the cottage reigns,
where home is nature as I open the window pane. 

Take me to the country, far, far away from forgetting,
the cheerful child in me many, many years back;
flying kites at harvest time, fishing in the summer,
where school is far, yet learning is not what I lack.

Take me to the country, far, far away from the town,
where cars can't follow, where affluence has no place;
where commerce is simple, where wealth is not gold,
where living is not a show, where every meal a grace.

Take me to the country, far, far away from the race,
where I can compete best with myself, not with others;
where I can learn more the ways of nature, not of men;
where civilization begins once more at its borders. ~ 

Road expansion gives way to the growing number of vehicles.   

Slow pace of life is still evident; road arch welcomes the visitor to Nueva Valencia, site of an ecological park.

Changing landscape:  mansion and nipa hut attest to a growing socio-economic disparity.  

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