Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grecian Life

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Young Spartans at play by Edgar Degas 

A healthy mind in a healthy body,
the Spartans showed it all the way,
and you carried on the living torch,
the discipline and all that it may

to instill, to inspire, to build.
What greater Glory that was Greece
were it not for posterity?
Else the Pierian Spring be missed.

The gym, the field, the vast open,
classroom anywhere, even the dungeon;
lessons unwritten, they are performed;
skill and grace rise above hands-on.

Once a teacher always a teacher, they say;
faith and wisdom and age -
trio, the most treasured as you grow,
for old age alone means little to a sage.~

Dedicated to my co-teachers: Prof Babes Lacap and company, on the occasion of the traditional annual Sportfest held at St Paul University QCEdgar Degas (1834 –1917), a French artist, regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism although he rejected the term, and preferred to be called a realist, especially identified with the subject of the dance. His mastery in the depiction of movement, as do his racecourse subjects and female nudes are notable for their psychological complexity and depiction of human isolation. (Google Ad, Wikipedia)

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