Friday, September 9, 2016

"A poem that has no title".

In memory of my loyal friend, Cherry.
Charmaine Magsino* 

I came up with words, 
and added some chords...
Let the rain fall on thee
on your grave by a tree.
You'll always be a friend
until we meet again.
Let the angels see me cry
as I turn to say, Goodbye. 

Author's Note: This is an example of a verse written by an ardent student in humanities. It is typically emotional and spontaneous triggered by a very sad experience.  It is compassionate, and if this verse is made into lyrics of a song, the result is a dirge - a sad song. Sometimes feelings and thoughts merge at the boundary  of reality and fantasy. (... until we meet again... thee... Let the angels...) Like passing wind, the opportunity of the artist to capture this rare experience could have been lost, perhaps forever.      
* Mass Communication Student, St Paul University QC circa 2000

Acknowledgement: Internet illustration 

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