Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Saddest Goodbye

An extremely pathetic family picture.
Dr Abe V Rotor
The years, the years ahead cut at its trunk,
slowly what remains of its stump
and roots starve and die. 
I am dying, father.

Years back, those happy years behind,
are memories that shall linger on -
if only forgetting is easy -
I am dying, father.

Mother, sister, my friends I wish you all
everything but the trap I fell in -
life the good life I failed,   
I am dying, father.

My world then, my world now,
the walls, now the last hour -
Live happy I never lived
I am dying, father .

I see stained hands cupped. I reach 
them and beg for forgiveness,
my cross, my own, 
dear Father. 

NOTE: I received this photo through my e-mail which I kept it for some time to think of what appropriate title and treatment I would give.  Finally this is the product of that incubation.

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