Tuesday, January 5, 2016

English Refresher: Terms given to groups of animals.

... A SWARM of locusts, a NEST of hornets, a CHARM of hummingbirds, an EXALTATION of larks,  a PARLIAMENT of owls, a RAINBOW of butterflies ...                            

Dr Abe V Rotor 

Here is a long list of terms given to groups of animals.

1.    A COLONY of ants (photo)                                          
2.    An ARMY of ants
3.    A STATE or SWARM of ants
4.    A HERD of asses
5.    A DROVE of asses.
6.    A TROOP of baboons
7.    A CONGRESS of baboons
8.    A COLONY of bacteria
9.    A CULTURE of bacteria 
10. A BATTERY of barracudas
11. (A BATTERY of lawyers)
12. A SHOAL of bass
13. A COLONY of bats                                                 
14. A CLOUD of bats
15. A SLOTH or SLEUTH of bears
16. A COLONY of beavers
17. A FAMILY of beavers
18. A GRIST, HIVE, SWARM of bees
19. A CLUSTER or NEST of bees
20. A FLOCK or FLIGHT of birds (photo)
21. A POD of birds (small flock)
22. A VOLARY of birds (in an aviary)
23. A BRACE (a pair of game birds or waterfowls)
24. A DROVE of bullocks
25. A KALEIDOSCOPE of butterflies                
26. A FLUTTER of butterflies  (photo)                               
27. A RAINBOW  of butterflies
28. A CARAVAN, FLOCK or TRAIN of camels
29. An ARMY of caterpillars
30. A HERD, DROVE or DRIFT of cattle.
31. A MOB of cattle (US and Australia)
32. A POUNCE of cats
33. A KINDLE, LITTER OR INTRIGUE (for kittens)
34. A BROOD, FLOCK, RUN or PEEP of chicken 
36. A HERD of cows
37. A KINE of cows (12 cows are a FLINK)   
38. A PACK of coyotes
39. A TRAIN of coyotes                                                                              
40. A BAND of coyotes    
41. A ROUT of coyotes  
42. A HERD, SEIGE or SEDGE* of cranes              
43. A CAST of crabs
44. A CONGREGATION or NEST of crocodiles
45. A BASK or FLOAT of crocodiles.   
46. A HOVER, MUSTER, or PARCEL of crows.
47. A MURDER of crows        
48. A HORDE of crows                                       
49. A PARLIAMENT of owls
50. A LITTER of cubs
51. A TROOP of dogfish
52. A PACK (wild dogs) or KENNEL of dogs
53. A LITTER of puppies
54. A FLIGHT or DOLE of doves
55. A TEAM, FLIGHT or FLOCK* of wild ducks in flight
56. A CONVOCATION of eagles
57. A CONGREGATION of eagles
58. An ARRAY of eels
59. A HERD or PARADE of elephants         
60. A CRASH of elephants
61. A HERD of elks
62. A GANG of elks
63. A CHARM of finches
65. A RUN of fish in motion                                      
66. A STAND of flamingoes                                         
67. A FLAMBOYANCE of flamingoes
68. A CLOUD, HATCH or SWARM of flies
69. A SKULK of foxes                                               
70. A CLOUD, TROOP or COMPANY of foxes
71. A GAGGLE or FLOCK of geese
72. A SKEIN, TEAM or WEDGE of geese (in the air)
73. A PLUMP of geese (on water)
74. A CLOUD OR HORDE of gnats
75. A FLOCK, HERD or TRIBE of goats
76. A TRIP of goats 
77. A CLOUD of grasshoppers                           
78. A SWARM of locusts (photo)
79. A NEST of hornets      
80. A SCATTERING, SEIGE or SEDGE* of herons
81. A CHARM of hummingbirds
82. A BEVY of larks
83. An EXALTATION of larks                                  
84. An ASCENSION of larks
85. A PARTY or SCOLD of jays
86. A TROOP of lemurs
87. A SCOURGE of mosquitoes
88. A PACK or SPAN of mules
89. A WATCH of nightingales
90. An ENCHANTMENT of nightingales
91. A TEAM or YOKE of oxen                                   
92. A DROVE or HERD of oxen  
93. A BED of oysters
94. A SQUADRON of pelicans
95. A FLOCK or FLIGHT of pigeons
96. A DROVE OR STRING of ponies.
97. A NURSERY of raccoons
98. A MURDER of ravens                                                                    
99. A CONSPIRACY of ravens 
100. A HERD, HAREM, TRIP or ROOKERY* of seals 
101. A DEN, BED, PIT or SLITHER of snakes.
102. A NEST or KNOT of snakes
103. A HOST of sparrows
104. A FLIGHT of swallows                                                                              
105. A BALLET of swans
106. An AMBUSH or STREAK* of tigers    
107. A COMMITTEE of vultures
108. A SCHOOL of whales
109. A HERD of whales
110. A ZEAL, HERD or DAZZLE of zebras                                                                                                                           
Acknowledgement: Thanks to Hint and Things Collective Nouns, Internet

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