Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Perk up your sexual vitality with minerals in food.

Dr Abe V Rotor

  Native vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins
Sexual vitality may decrease with age, unfulfilled relationship, or simply poor health.

Take time out to bring it back, perhaps even greater. Examine the food you take everyday. Do they contain the right kind and amount of minerals? Go over this article and make a assessment. For each of the ten items, score 3 if highly sufficient, 2  if just sufficient, and 1 if insufficient.                                                                        
1. Iodine is associated with the thyroid gland which is called the "emotional” gland. An under-active thyroid may be the cause of sterility, depression and unsatisfactory sex life. Iodine helps in the control and balance of other elements in the body, which include calcium, magnesium and certain trace elements. Seafoods constitute the main source of iodine in our diet. Iodized salt is the most practical solution to iodine deficiency problem.

2. Okra and celery provide sodium, known as the "youth element." People well provided with this element are usually medium built and very much on the go. They are endowed with great endurance, .strength and passion. They have strong sex appeal. Sodium, together with calcium, magnesium and potassium, neutralize acid in the body. It is found in the blood and all body fluids. It maintains nerve conduction and electromagnetic potential bf tissues.

3. Potassium, which we get from avocado and banana,' maintains our heart and muscles healthy and strong, thus keeping us alert and well-coordinated. People who have sufficient intake of potassium have positive and diplomatic attitude, and have a
good sense of humor.

4. Iron aids in the oxygenation of the body through the lungs and blood. Since oxygen is essential to life, people who lack iron are anemic, docile and sickly. On the other hand, those who have adequate iron in their systems enjoy life. The most practical source of iron is green leafy vegetables. In fact, chlorophyll and Vitamin C enhance the absorption of iron from many food sources from dried fruits to fish and poultry.

Ginger and garlic are high in minerals and contain antibiotic properties

5. Lecithin, vitellin and acetylcholine are organic compounds high in phosphorus content. Phosphorus is important in the proper functioning of the brain and nerves, thus it is referred to as "brain 

element." Adequate phosphorus is derived from vegetables, meat and fish, grains, seeds and nuts. People enjoy good health as a result of phosphorus-rich food intake.
6. The main source of magnesium is yellow food. Among the popular food sources of this mineral are banana and avocado. Not many people know that lack of magnesium is manifested by tension and restlessness, which affect our sleep and our personal and social life. Relaxation is closely identified with magnesium. Relaxation is the key to a pleasing personality and an enjoyable love life.

7. Manganese is a catalyst, which enhances enzyme reactions in our brain, particularly the hypothalamus which is the sex center, and our nerves, these being important to the enjoyment of sex life. Foods rich in iron are also rich in manganese. People who are not taking enough of this mineral are cruel and insensitive, forgetful and impatient. Prolonged deficiency may contribute to mental problems and nerve disorders.

8. Sulfur makes us glow, so to speak. It makes our eyes sparkle, our steps quick, and our body movement sexy. Our skin, hair, lips, cheeks may not need any makeup if we eat sulfur-rich foods like onions and garlic, leeks (leaf-onion), radish, cabbage
and cauliflower. People who love to eat these foods look healthy and attractive, and really, they are endowed with the gift of emotion and passion, which is a key to the enjoyment of love life.

9. Calcium is important to long life, because it does not only build but also rebuild tissues in the bones and muscles, in fact all cells of the body. Women deplete calcium faster than men, and this is apparent as they approach menopause. General health
and long life depend to a large extent on regular intake of calcium-rich foods, such as milk, vegetables, cereals, onions, poultry and fish. It maintains balanced pH and production of hormones. People who are well provided with calcium have large and heavy bones. They are workers and appear serious in life, but in fact, are patient and sexually active.

10. Perhaps the most basic of all elements is Oxygen. It is the only element that we take in its free state. A slight deprivation of it will send one panting and gasping for air. Imagine if this happens during lovemaking. Oxygen makes 75 per cent of our
Body, and 20 per cent of our oxygen supply is used by the brain. People who exercise regularly and take balanced diet maintain a good level of oxygen supply.

Other than these minerals, most of the food mentioned contain vitamins that are equally important. You will also get from them calories, protein, fat, and trace elements needed by the body. Sexual vitality is dictated by our brains that control our thoughts, actions and emotions. It is important that we relax and avoid unnecessary stress.  Live well, there is no substitute to it. Be happy.  Be happy together with your partner.    

25 - 30 sexual vitality high 
15 - 24 fair or average 
14 and below - poor

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