Monday, March 30, 2015

Armageddon Ticking

Armageddon Ticking
Overcrowded Earth, Manila 

Armageddon in human hands released,
piece by piece ticking with the clock;
innocence denied, sanity defied
to the final shock.

Time capsules all into infinity:
pleasure and pain, evil and goodness -
all that is on planet earth,
into emptiness.

It's Sodom revived, so with the Flood
and Vesuvius a thousand times;
and in war none but the innocent
is the price.

And the god in man and man in God
in futile struggle comes to end
the earth shall be no longer,
so with a heaven.

Fabled paradise shall be no more,
lost and regained, and finally gone;
Then a new world shall rise - perhaps
without man. ~ 

Author's Note:
I photographed this aerial View of Manila harbor aboard Pal flight from Roxas City to Manila August 6, 2012

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