Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How superstitious are you? Here is a checklist.

Dr Abe V Rotor 

Check those items which have scientific bases to qualify them outside the realm of superstition. Answer will be given on 738 DZRB AM Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid, 8 tyo 9 evening class, Monday to Friday.

  1. Angalo is the legendary friendly giant among the Ilocanos.        Vampire bat
  2. Avoid laughing when planting kamote otherwise the roots will become liplike.
  3. Bathing the cat will cause rain.
  4. Bats swoop on unwary people. 
  5. Bite your finger after you have pointed at somebody, so that the blame will not boomerang.
  6. Black ants on lansones means the fruit is sweet.
  7. Bringing salt under a sour fruit-bearing tree will cause the fruits to fall.
  8. One can read how nature intended plants to be used by examining their resemblances and other physical characteristics.
  9. Cassava grown from inverted cutting is poisonous.
  10. Cat grooming at the doorway tells of visitors coming. 
  11. Cockroaches eat on anything - almost.
  12. Conceiving mother who gets near a fruiting tree causes its fruits to fall prematurely.
  13. Eating shark influences human character with the animal’s behavior.
  14. Food offering on special occasions is homage to the spirits.
  15. Fruit trees watered with sugar solution bear sweet fruits.
  16. Garlic drives the aswang away.
  17. Hanging bottles on the trellis of gourd plants induces fruiting.
  18. Harelip or cleft lip is the result of an accident when the baby was still in the womb.
  19. If a Fortune plant received as a gift bears flowers, it is a sign of good luck.
  20. Inadvertently wearing reverse clothes leads one to marry a widow or an old maid.
  21. It’s customary to first spill a little of your wine in deference to the spirits. 
  22. It’s lucky to find a four-leaf clover.
  23. Kugtong or giant lapulapu – does it really exist?
  24. Mother who eats twin bananas will bear twin children.
  25. Mothers place the extracted tooth of their children under the pillow or mat so that the good tooth fairy will come and replace it.
  26. Nakakapagpagaling ang laway sa nausog (A little saliva relives someone who was chanced upon by the unseen.)
  27. Old folk’s advice: Don’t forget to spit on the spot where you answered the call of nature. 
  28. One who is fond of rice crust (tutong) is lazy.
  29. Papaya planted in front of a house brings bad luck.
  30. People with large ears live long.
  31. Place the first fruits harvested from a plant in a large container and pretend to carry them as if they were very heavy so that the plant will be heavy with fruits.
  32. When planting a tree seedling, avoid looking up so that the plant will not grow very tall. Stoop when planting coconut so it bears nuts early.
  33. Chicken soup is best for convalescent. 
  34. Rice is the first thing to carry with when moving to a new house.
  35. The balete (Ficus benjamina) is the home of bad spirits which cause those who go near the tree to become sick. ~

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