Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dust in my Room - 12 Verses

A Reflection on All Saints Day 
Dr Abe V Rotor

 Dust or ghost? An Illusion

1. In my room I wrote and wrote
Door locked, my meals cold;
Hands clumsy, my pen dropped
On all four groped I in the dark.

There in a corner my pen rolled
Into a mat of dust and web,
And there I found a story untold,
Of my life in an ebb,

2. How do I know truth unspoken?
When the heart has spoken.

3. A full vessel holds water to the brim,
Unless it bears a crack on its rim.

4. Pleasance, oh, youth; care for the old;
How about the meek, the troubled?

5. He finds reason for living 
Who sees a new beginning.

6. Every promise you can't keep
Drags you deeper into a pit.

7. Take it from the ant and stork, 
Patience is silence at work.

8. (Ode to the cumulus cloud)
If one day the water of the sea is not enough,
Drink, drink deep from my little cup.  

9. Make believe growth and prosperity;
A vessel sounds louder when empty.

10. To endure the pain of hatred, 
A leader's wisdom is often dared, 

11. Impossible to the old. 
I,m possible to the bold;
Retire for the night,
Re-tire for the might.

12. Beauty builds upon beauty. 
Ad infinitum to eternity. ~

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