Sunday, May 4, 2014

Front Seat Views to the Ilocos Region

Dr Abe V Rotor
Tobacco in bales to Manila.  The Ilocos Region is the principal producer of Virginia tobacco used in cigarette manufacture.
Partas is the biggest bus company plying Manila to Ilocos.  All sorts of vehicles use the highway causing delayed trip and accidents.  Note rosary and religious image of driver of the bus I was riding.  
Newly constructed bridge replaces pre-war bridge (left) in La Union.  The new bridge cuts through a mountain side and detours from the old highway.   

Sidewalk stalls line the highway selling pottery wares and decors.  San Juabn, La Union. 
Ironcraft from agricultural implements and postharvest equipment like threshers and hand tractor, are products by local artisans, to household tool like bolo and knives.   

A typical crossroad where farm-to-market road meets the highway.  Sudipen, La Union. 
A cause of trip delay - tricycle on the highway. In spite of strict campaign the tricycle is an institution sort of - it is people's car whether inthe city or on the countryside. . 
Decors daze the eye at midday.  It is customary to put up overhead decors and bantings to let people know of the town's most important event - town fiesta.  
Locally processed food from vinegar to kalamay to dried fish attract passerby to do some shopping for pasalubong. 
No helmet, no protective gear, motorcycle  riders play hide and seek with highway patrol. "It's just an errand away," is the common alibi. 

Crossroad: To Vigan at left, to Bangued Abra at right.  Opposite but same distance. Rosario, La Union  

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