Friday, August 17, 2012

Green Carpet

This mossy tree is actually a community of epiphytic
liana, fern, moss and lichen with a host tree, an acacia.

Close-up of moss growing on the spongy bark of acacia.

Dr Abe V Rotor

I rest beneath a bough on a sweltering day,
flowing beard and hair hanging like curtain and carpet
cushioning my tired feet and head;
floor, walls and ceiling you make - cool and living.

Breathe with me, breathe with me,
catch the passing breeze, filter the dusts and the sky
like your ancestor in the distant past -
the slimy, lowly blue-green that caught the sun and bubbled oxygen,
filling the earth with life, creatures, my kin and I now share.

Life I can in slumber now dream of that Paradise once lost – and regained;
even for a while let me in your abode, carpet green
and let the world go by, or at the edge of time
stand still in praise to the One unseen. ~

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