Friday, March 17, 2017

Red Hot Summer in Paintings

 Red Hot Summer in Paintings
Dr Abe V Rotor 
Fire tree in acrylic, on-the-spot painting AVR, 
Jamboree Site, UPLB Laguna

Burn in the summer sun,
your cinders on the ground,
and i shall walk on carpet,
a prince to kingdom bound.  
Erythrina by a stream, painting in acrylic AVR, 2009
UST Publishing House     

Flow gently sweet stream
among fiery petals strewn, 
 down the river flowing 
and never to return.
Mutant Red, painting in acrylic, by AVR 

Whatever happened to the tree Erythrina, 
lost in the madness of science and fancy,  
transplanted gene in her bosom dear,
forever coveted her beauty.  

An Arch of Fire Trees, painting in acrylic AVR 2009

An arch over a mountain stream, 
strewing confetti from its bow,
drifting down stream to where I dream,   
an honor to be simple and low.

A Field of Flowering Weeds, mural by AVR 2010

Dare to step on these lowly flowering weeds,
denied of decent place and defiled;
Save the deities by their magic wands succeed  
in bringing out Nature's hidden pride, 

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