Sunday, January 1, 2017

Get out of your confine, love the sun

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Dr Anselmo S Cabigan examines pine saplings in Lipa Batangas, 

Why do living things behave as they do;
what trigger plants to bloom profusely;
insects metamorphose in their mid cycle,
midges swarm, like the locust do?

Why is the pine confined on the highland,
save a few acclimatized on the lowland;
the desert suddenly blooms after a rain,
returning barren in the scorching sun?

Why the firefly's lantern the purest light,
plankton glow in the deep, eyes flash;
silk the finest textile, honey the sweetest;
boundless, flawless the birds in flight.

Ask the naturalist, and if you are one,
talk to the trees, sing with the breeze,
crickets, greet the first rain in May,
get out of your confine, love the sun. ~

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