Friday, October 14, 2016

Creative Photography - New Field of Humanities

Photography has been relegated to the machine. This is not true.  In fact ity has created a new field in humanities - Creative Photography, which is aligned to visual arts and Performing arts. 
Dr Abe V Rotor

Gulliver the giant, Gulliver the pygmy in Jonathan Swift's novels,
two friends acting, each in either role;
for in life, you are at one time a giant, at another you are a dwarf, 
and seeing others the same, wise or fool.

Years apart through three generations make no difference;  
looking back when the old were once children;
and children wishing  for the future within their grasp;
in between the beauty of life is a moving train. 

Image of Mother and Child - Holy Book's symbol of piety;
Holy Trinity too, with a Father God - the greatest mystery;
Prodigal Son and father - the mother Rembrandt sought.
 And Joseph?  Brave soldiers who died in wars they fought?
Community stage play of a subject and theme by local talents;
move over cinema, mall, computer and television;
we have had enough of  robots and cyberspace pseudo heroes;
life's real, we've each a role with common vision.     

Trophies, the greatest is invisible - 
you reward yourself unknown,
the one no other else can own. ,    

Don't cut the trees, don't!
Make a stairway across;
Save the clouds that fill the fount,
We have had enough, the Cross.

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