Sunday, July 24, 2016

GM Papaya - Treat or Threat

 Dr Abe V Rotor 


 Papaya Ringspot Virus, signs and symptoms: electron microscope image of the PRV 

 The development of Genetically Modified Papaya appear to have succeeded in controlling the pandemic virus (Papaya Ringspot Virus) Two popular GM Papaya SunUp and Rainbow contain in their genes the foreign PRV DNA - permanently spliced, and therefore capable of transmitting the virus gene in the succeeding generations ad infinitum  on undiminished level, spreading out with the wind and insects - and man, the culprit agent of genetic pollution. 

It was claimed that in 2010, 80 % of Hawaiian papaya are produced from GM papaya. The success may be short- lived as more virulent PRV continue to mutate - at a very fast rate typical of any virus, overcoming ultimately the resistance of the passive GM papaya. This phenomenon - a race of Nature and technology - is a continuing and endless process. Nature, through biological specialization, will always find ways to preserve her own species, overcoming all obstacles natural or man-made. And Nature cannot be bias on man's demand, in fact, it may be the opposite. How far reaching can a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) be? 

The biggest threat is the consequence of genetically modified food to human life in the long run which we may not be able to monitor immediately or even in our generation, and therefore we leave the consequential fear to our children and children's children. 

Now hear this, GMOs are orphans of Natyure.  They arte no longer part of the natural gene pool,  They have changed poisions in the food web, and maybe eliminated in the food chain with man taking them out of the natural state and habitat. Orphans can never be self supporting in in the long run in the game of evolution.  Darwinian evolution applies to GMO even if thje great scientist had not idea that some day man will break the Code of Life - that is short cutting evolution on the molecular level.  The principal actors of evolution will remain for a long time, perhaps thousands or millions of years after the demise of Homo sapiens  to Homo faber to Homo tecnicus,  the technological man. 

Many people are staying out of GM product - at least to as far as they are aware of.  No Bt Corn.  No Golden Rice. No BT soya, No to SavrFlavr tomato, and No, GM papaya.

Thanks, we still have our native solo papaya - so far. It is tender, sweet, juicy, and it came from our bacyard.  The green fruit gives us the most healthful food of the world - Chicken Soup (tinola) - food for the convalescent.  The tree lives for a number of years outliving any known foreign variety. And it bears fruits year round - in succession. It is like picking the green for tinola, or the manibalang for pickles, or the ripe ones direct from the tree.  It is still the sweetest of all papaya in the world. Our native papaya may not earn us dollars but it makes us and our children happy and healthy. ~

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