Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Patch of Eden (Series 1)

The Ecological Sanctuary or EcoSanctuary is the laboratory of Nature. It is a replica of the natural world unspoiled by man, a patch of the lost Eden. 
Dr Abe V Rotor

The sun rose early, exactly a month after the Summer Solstice, and the monsoon had not peaked.  The grass was perfectly green and there were flowers - white, yellow, red in various shades and hues.  It was blossoming time, and growing time as well.  The annuals had all sprouted and were luxuriant.  I could virtually hear the earth breath.  It was conducive for reflection and creativity - perfect for poetry, painting, photography.    
Flower of Cockspur Coral Tree, Eruthrina crista-gali Linn.

Red, oh, the bleeding drops of red;
Erythrina, Erythrina,
Stain my palms nd feet and my side
that I shall doubt nevermore,

 Water Lily (Nymphaea nouchali Burm F) Family Nymphaceaceae

If purity is in being white,
then I would wear your cloak;
if by arising from the murk
and say, I'm right ...
that I'd rather not talk.

Kamantigue (Impatiens balsamina Linn, Family Balsaminaceae
Mature pods split with forse and popping sound to disperse seeds. 
(Seed dissemination by explosion.).
Should I wait for your last petal to fall,
to believe in the fury of your bomb?
That I would not know the secret
of your strength behind your frailty, 
of sending the world with a bang,
ephemeral  and fleeting 
as feet passing by.

Thorns of Christ (Corona de Espinas) Euphorbia splendens
Family Euphorbiacease

Euphorbia, that name is honor
for your kind and cruel thorns,
surpassing the Sequoia,
the proud rosewood.

Crowned on the Holy One,
glowed the color of your flowers, 
the faith of a multitude 
like stars in a gray sky. 

Forget-me-not (Plumbago sapensis Thumb, Family Plumbaginaseae

Forget me not
and I did not.
Forget me not
and you did not.

Yes, that was long,
long ago,

Shanghai Beauty (Jatropha panderifolia) Amdr. Family Euphorbiaceae

The sun brightly shines
like aurora behind you,
or you aren't any redder, 
and the bees will just pass by,
like a bull knowing not
red, purple or blue.

That too, I know -
if I wake up as early as you do.

Gumamela (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn) Family Malvaceae

Hibiscus, without you and your kin
the world would still be naked,
as naked as your whole being 
as a flower.

Yellow Bell (Allamanda cathartica Linn) Family Apocynaceae

Yellow bells,
yellow bells,
what chime, 
what song, 
what music, 
what message 
come forth 
from your lips
 in the morning 
of your bloom?

listen, just listen
Lantana (Lantana camana Linn) Family Verbenaceae

Lantana, odorous yet amorous
in many mysterious ways
leaving scent in the misty air, 
trails for the beautiful wings 
and a kaleidoscope of sun rays
on a glorious morning.

Dwarf Santan (Ixora coccinea Linn) Family Rubiaceae

Two is company, they say,
and many a crowd;
where then is unity,
oneness and piety?

Look again, you too, shall say. ~

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