Thursday, December 10, 2015

Poems for co-teachers departed

"Why, memory lingers, it comes afresh long after,
in moments not ony in remembering the dead, 
but the deeds they left behind .  Oh, human nature!
you preserve the beautiful things in a person's life."   

In Memory of the late Dr Thea Garcia (1950-1999) and Dr Lourdes P Tuazon (1958-1999), colleagues in the teaching profession at St Paul University QC

Dr Abe V Rotor

It is on this mural Thea saw the face of the Father. Can you see it?
Saul falls from his horse on Damascus Road and was blinded. He heard a voice, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" It was Saul's conversion into one of the greatest apostles, St Paul of Tarsus. (Mural by AVR, 8ft x 8ft, former Museum of St Paul University, Quezon City). 

(She saw the face of the Father.)

She stood there, her gaze for an hour
glued to a mural, and soaring yonder,
Beyond Damascus and a fallen soldier.
saw a face, the face of the Father.

She saw it, surely it was He -
In subject and theme, she found Him -
The face others did not see,
As soulful as a churchyard hymn.

None of us saw it, had Thea not seen,
Behind the clouds a silvery scene ...
A face complete, Trinity divine,
The face most holy and kind.

Keener the senses are at the end,
Deeper the kinship at the bend;
Everyone a friend after the fall,

Goodbye, she bids, goodbye to all. ~

A Job among us

Eternity it seemed through the years,
Until the clock stopped.
Dark clouds hid the tears;
ad bowed, uncapped.

To many patients, grown and young,
Her short life she gave,
Her healing hands unsung -
Count not at her grave.

In job's shadow she found peace;
Victory is not only for the fit.
The spirit soars, the pain to ease...
Onlu Heaven is the limit.

Make haste while the essence
Of Job is fresh memory trove.
Lulu lived with urgent sense;
In suffering, sweeter is love. ~

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