Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Child's Parable of The Black Puppy

Anna Christina R Rotor, 12
School Project on CLIVE, 
Year 2 Malvar, Teacher Remy
October 20, 1997
Pastel drawing by Anna Christina, 12 (1997)  
It was late in the evening when three children searched for their pet,  wondering what had happened to it.  Their dog was crying in pain and they didn't know where to find. Suddenty, at a corner of their garage, they saw the missing, white dog.  The dog gave birth to three little puppies.  The children were so delighted to see a very beautiful, white puppy with a cute, pink nose.  But they became disappoited  upon seeing two black, ugly puppies, which they didn't even had the color of their mother.  So the children poured all their love to the white puppy.  They even had the plan to make this dog an intelligent one.  After a few days, they noticed that the other black puppy was very weak.  Not for long, it died, which they didn't mind too much.

One morning, the children were shocked to see their favorite puppy lying helplessly and trying to catch its breath. They did everything they could do to save the puppy but it was too late and died.  They children felt very, very sad and tried not to cry.  But then they realized that there is still a black puppy left whom they could love like their love for their favorite pet.

They leaned to love the black puppy and took good care of it.  They taught him different dog tricks and trained him to be a smart dog.

Many years passed, the children were very proud to see the black, ugly puppy grew into a very beautiful, talented and intelligent dog.  

Author's Comment:  Based on my experiences related in this parable, there is one experience that I will never forget.  It is an experience of disappointment and contentment.  At age 10, my favorite cousin died at an early age.  I always let the time pass longing for him.  Just then, I realized that I could do nothing to bring him back.  I finally knew that I could go on with my life without my sorrows.  I began to enjoy my life again and learned to love my other cousins, who sometimes I hated most.  I learned to be more considerate to them and we grew up in a better relationship.

With my unforgettable experience, there is one important lesson that I learned: The one you love least may sometimes be the one you'll love most. ~ 

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