Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Philippine Literature Quotes

 A guide for students in Philippine Literature 

 “Oh, the stories I can tell you, if you but have the time to listen, but you are going away.  Everybody is going someplace.  They are all in a hurry; they will not listen to me.  And those who will tarry here forever, they have no ears for my stories, because they have seen them happen everywhere, and they don’t want them told, they are commonplace, they say they should be hushed and forgotten …
Bienvenido Santos, The Door
 Bienvenido N. Santos (1911–1996)  
Filipino-American fiction, poetry and nonfiction writer.

“I use the word culture in its broadest sense as denoting the sum-total of a nation’s achievements in art, religion, science, and letters; their philosophy and way of life; the ideals and instrumentalities by which they live.  Our culture, then , is the continuity of our traditional life, the whole body of the intellectual, moral, and spiritual values which have come down to us as our heritage after centuries of accretion and evolution.”
 Salvador P. Lopez, The Problem of Our Culture  
 Ilokano writer,  journalist, educator, diplomat, and statesman.

“Literature mirrors the depth of a culture and manifests the truly creative genius of the race.  The Greeks were remembered not as much for the world-renowned warriors as for their writers, philosophers and artists.”

- TT del Castillo and BS Medina Jr,  Introduction Philippine Literature

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