Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Hideous Preying Mantis

Master of camouflage, cold-blooded executioner; among my kind, I see you lurking, and it's not for fun.   
Dr Abe V Rotor 
Preying mantis (Mantis religiosa) hidden in a flowering Cassia shrub. Tagaytay 2012

I, too, play hide-and-seek, but it's only for game and fun;
and you, you're a ruthless executioner with a deadly arm,
lurking, camouflaged ugly or beautiful.  Would I mind?   
Knowing you makes me feel honorable, proud of my kind,  
yet among my kind, I see you lurking, and it's not for fun.   

On closer look the preying mantis is clinging upside down second 

to the lowest branch. It's color and body shape fit to its characteristic 
habit, including its silhouette against the daylight.  It earned its name 
as predator of other insects, and is welcomed by gardeners.  

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