Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Photography: Put life into your photo

Marlo R Rotor

Photography today employs a lot of techniques with the camera and the computer, other means notwithstanding. How was this photograph made? Is this original? Edited? Illusion? Cut-out?

This is a classical example of creative photography. Here photography merges with fine arts at a crossroad where many professionals and enthusiasts venture into. They call it experimental photography. Other call it photographic arts. While still others push the limits to avant garde and graphics. Our world is often seen in abstract. That is how fast the pace of life is. Like riding in a fast moving vehicle where everything is blur and haze.

And when we come to a stop we want to regain our true sense of proportion and dimension, of distinguishing colors, of breaking up monotony of a waterfall by planting a fern on one side of the rock, such as this photograph.

Amadeo Waterfalls, Amadeo, Cavite
Bonus for Photography students in Arts and Letters. Please explain how this photograph was made. 

Having a camera today is no extraordinary privilege. In fact we merely have to point and shoot and the machine takes care of every thing. But not everything really. It is how skillful we make of a photo, and not vice versa. Man is still the mater of machine, and never its slave. Why don't you experiment with other techniques. Hone the right side of your brain, seat of creativity and imagination.

Look at the photo again, longer. Does it seep deep into your being, rather than just a visual representation?

A photograph that permeates the eye, the heart in order to reach the soul is a masterpiece of the art of photography.~

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