Saturday, September 20, 2014

Naturalism - the Eighth Sense Blog notes steady rise in Viewership

Dr Abe V Rotor
1. Viewership profile indicates a steady growth in the number of pageviews. Viewership reached the 2,500 monthly record in 2012, and continued to increase to the present level as shown in the graph below.    

(A pageview is each time a visitor views a page on your website, regardless of how many hits are generated. Pages are comprised of files. Every image in a page is a separate file. When a visitor looks at a page (a pageview), they may see numerous images, graphics, pictures etc. and generate multiple hits.)

Figure 2 - Historical trend of viewership June 2008 to Sept 19, 2014

2. For September 19, 2014 there are 230 pageviews; For the month of August 2014, there were 4,549 pageviews recorded, while the overall total is 76,353 (June 2008 to the present). As shown in the table and graph below.

Table 1 - Current update as of Sept 19, 2014. Figure 1 - Pageviews for the week covering Sept 13 to 20, 2014
3. Here are the top participating countries. Google provides data for the day, current week and month, which can be opened anytime. Overall, the US leads the top ten countries with 23,168 pageviews.  This is followed by The Philippines, the host country, with 18,393. 
The combined share of the US and the Philippines is 55 percent of the total pageviews of 76,353. Ukrtaine, Russia and India occupy the third, fourth and fifth place, respectively. 

France, Germany, UK, China and Turkey rank  comprise the second group (6th to 10th).   The difference in viewership among the members of the second group , from that in the first group is great. Thus, they are more vulnerable to change in ranking taken on daily, weekly, and even monthly basis.
Figure 3 - Top ten countries and their ranking in viewership. 

4. What topics or lessons (posts) are most viewed? Overall (2008 to present), two topics came out first: Guava, the Wonder Tree (a short story) with 1,294 pageviews. This is followed by a feature story about the endangered indigenous games and sports (Spinning top or trumpo), with 870 pageviews. 

Painting Manual (Pangarap Art Workshop Exercises) ranks thrid.  This is a workshop guide consisting of two dozen exercises in drawing and painting for children and adults alike. (523 pageviews)

Reviving the Nipa Hut culture (The Nipa Hut - a Living Memory) ranks fourth, while Books, the Greatest Treasure of Mankind is sixth, followed by Down memory lane we all go (growing old gracefully), and Lost in the Desert, a short story, seventh. The top ten countries vary from time to time and may be accessed from the Blog. 

Figure 3 - Top seven posts and their ranking in viewership. 

NOTE:  This blog is separate from the main Blog - Living with Nature School on Blog  [] - also by the same author, although there are a number of similar articles carried by both. I invite our viewers to visit  the main Blog.  There are more than 3000 articles or posts with 820,000 viewers to date. Thank you. 

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