Saturday, August 9, 2014

Centenarian Niko

Centenarian Niko
Dr Abe V Rotor
Niko at 10; below, 5 years after
 Photos taken August 7, 2012 at the height of a super 
flood that hit Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. 

His bark resonates at the crossroad,
standing through his den, 
night watch of the neighborhood, 
and pet to the children. 

A brave life this Doberman leads,
 trustworthy its essence;
Who would dare trespass his niche,
or ignore his presence?  

Oh, how the years quickly passed,
and age pushed to the edge;
Niko the brave, the alert no longer,
waits gentle on the ledge. ~ 
By human standard, 1:7 age ratio, Niko is a centenarian.  

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