Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The practical way to increase the storage life of onion and garlic

Dr Abe V Rotor

  1. Reviving practical technology
  2. Saving energy
  3. Minimizing loss in storage
  4. Speculating for better price, hence higher income
  5. Chemically safe - no pesticide
  6. Low investment, little capital outlay
  7. Local employment, livelihood

Shallot or Sibuyas Tagalog is stored by hanging in a dry and cool place.
Planted in late September or October and harvested simultaneously in December causing price to plummet, the bulbs must have to wait for good price. How?  

Store them in bundles, reduce weight loss, infestation, and rot. Smudging, that is, training smoke from dry grass and leaves into the hanging bulbs will improve storage efficiency. No wonder onions and other harvested crops like garlic are hang above the fireplace or in the kitchen of rural homes.     

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