Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Artists at work, UST 2013

Artists at work, UST 2013
Dr Abe V Rotor

Intercollegiate painting competition, University of Santo Tomas, Manila

Hours and hours they labored in their art,
     pouring out their best,
the years behind expressing memories
     putting skill to the test,

they haste for the hour of final judgment,
     without talk, without rest,  
colors in their command, at their fingertips,
     in creating their greatest,

the eyes of critics are theirs themselves,
     artists' eyes are deepest,
they seek the depth of passion, imagination 
     their limit the farthest

bringing down to earth, bringing back to life
     the lost to be caressed,
like a good shepherd heeding a distant cry 
     and braving darkness.

how far apart artists are from humanity 
     as they seek in redress
through competition and evolution of art
     to wake the world to the test.  ~  

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