Saturday, August 5, 2017

Catch the Passing Wind

"Wind, sail and keel make a perfect trio,

only if they have a common direction to follow." avr

Painting and Verses by Dr Abe V Rotor

Lost time, lost opportunity and lost gain,
like passing wind that may not come again.

Who sees silver lining of clouds dark and bold

seeks not at rainbow's end a pot of gold.

A clenched fist softens under a blue sky

like high waves, after tempest, die.

When a flock of wild geese takes into the air

a leader must get ahead to break the barrier.

Even to a strong man, a little danger may create

the impression he's small or the problem is great.

In the doldrums or during sudden gusts,

the ship is much safer with a bare mast.

Wind, current and keel make a perfect trio

only if they have one direction to follow.

You really can't tell where a sailboat goes

without keel, but to where the wind blows.

The sound of a yes may be deep or hollow,

and knowing it only by its own echo.

Walk, don't run, to see better and to know

the countryside, Mother Nature and Thou. ~

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