Sunday, July 23, 2017

Love the "talipapa".

Biking through, like drive in buying. 

Love the talipapa 

Market's birthplace,
the primordial concept of commerce,
beginning of exchange of goods by barter, 
where barter evolved into trade; 
flea market, local version, unique,
beautiful, distinctly Filipino; 
a place for thrifty spending, 
classless marketing; 
it's people's economics, 
family enterprise, 
where business is unlimited - 
outlet of farm surplus 
so with home made crafts; 
where transaction is by bargaining, 
the suki system as an institution; 
it's the "nerve center" of daily activities,
growth center of social and economic life
on the grassroots, 
fallback of the economy in crisis,
where the ordinary vendor, 
like the unknown soldier

is a hero. ~

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