Thursday, July 27, 2017

Initiation into a World of Fantasy

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Carnival at the Sky Ranch, Tagaytay, March, 24 2013

          Can we reach out for the stars in neon lights?  
             Where have all the stars in heaven gone?
But strewn away from the sight of man,
           and only in our pain that they light again.   

Humanoids, Sky Ranch, Tagaytay, March 24 2013 

Living robots these humanoids resemble,
              in grotesque looks and cult in years ahead,
       now in our midst, invading the youngest mind,
         a demigod they enshrine even the dead.        

Tagaytay Zoo, March 24, 2013

           More lions in the zoo than in the wild is man's folly
              to save the endangered species;
           and countless more in books and films and clay,
                   in the name of progress and glory. ~

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