Tuesday, June 27, 2017

To reach your destination fast, go slow

Dr Abe V Rotor
A young man was driving a caleza (horse drawn cart) loaded with coconuts on a market day. “I’ll be late and won’t be able to sell all my coconuts,” he said to himself. 

Whereupon he saw an old man on the roadside, stopped and asked, “How I can reach the marketplace the soonest I can, Apo Lakay (old man)?”

A typical caleza, a popular means of transportation during the Spanish period.

The old man glanced at the loaded caleza, smiled and said, “Just go slow anak (child), and you will reach your destination.”

The young man thought he was talking to an ulyanin (a forgetful person). Actually he was asking something he did not have to ask in the first place. 

So he cracked the whip and his horse galloped even if the road was rough and rutted. The nuts kept falling along the way so that he had to stop now and then to pick them up.

The old man is  right after all.

This story is relevant to us living on the fast lane, and in keeping up with the Joneses, for that matter. I can only imagine how the simple folk philosopher would give us the same advice.~

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