Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Your first work is a masterpiece

Dr Abe V Rotor
Old photograph of one of my earliest paintings. I never saw 
this painting again. (oil on plywood, 10" x 12") circa 1965

Don't throw away your early work 
if not in favor of your judgment
or of others; you are not the critic
nor they, but time and art,

for it could be your masterpiece,
the window of your soul,
its expression at the break of dawn,
when light is fresh and pure. 

and through the years to old age,
your work unfolds to the world,
the stirrings of your youth
seeking perfection in dream.

And imperfection is all it shows, 
a felled tree half buried lives on
in a hill of flowering weeds,  
ephemeral and beautiful.~ 

Famous first work as unfinished masterpieces 

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