Monday, May 8, 2017

Do you sneeze often? It could be pollen allergy.Do you sneeze often? It could be pollen allergy.

Dr Abe V Rotor

It is true. It is called allergy rhinitis There are people who are highly sensitive to pollen grains. And their allergy is specific to certain plants, and at certain seasons these plants are in bloom.

 Bouquet in acrylic by AVR

Poaceae or Graminae which include rice, corn, wheat, 
sugarcane, talahib, cogon, and the like generally bloom in the last quarter beginning October when the habagat season is about to end and dry season starts.

Here are tips to prevent or minimize pollen allergy.

• Keep away from flowers and flowering plants
• Stay home to prevent exposure to pollen
• Stay away from wreaths during a wake or floral offering
. Avoid touching eyes and skin to prevent spread of allergy.
• Don’t bring in flowers and plants inside the house.
• Use mask and proper clothing.

There is a pollen calendar developed by the late Dr. Lolita Bulalacao of the National Museum, a pioneer in palynology (the study of pollen grains) in the Philippines. The calendar warns us who are susceptible to allergy to keep away from pollen coming from certain flowering plants in season and from specific areas that may cause allergy. The symptoms of allergy rhinitis are generally relieved by antihistamine, which comes in different preparations and brands, as tablet or ointment.

By the way, those who grew up in the rural areas are less susceptible to pollen allergy because they are developed certain levels of immunity. "Over protected" children are the best candidate to allergy rhinitis.

Why don't we take our children outdoors once in a while? In this way they start developing resistance to various kinds of allergy. And don't be over hygienic. It's like raising our children in a sterile glass chamber. There will come a time they will be dependent on allergy and asthma relievers and medicine.~

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