Thursday, March 2, 2017

Protists - the Missing Link?

"... where lie the missing link and common genes,

  the mystery of Creation ever since." 
Dr Abe V Rotor

 Protists - Prototype Plants and Animals in acrylic by the author (4ft x 4ft) 2017

Phylogeny - the hypothetical tree of taxonomy,
from simple to increeasing complexity,
tracing the origin and place of all things living -
microbes, plants, animals, human being.

Thanks to Swedish Carl von Linnaeus' genius,
pioneer of classification we now use;
and Charles Darwin's theory of evolution,
tracing biodiversity and life's union.  

Yet life continues to defy man's knowledge, 
 from ocean depth to volcanic ledge,
where lie the missing link and common genes,
  the mystery of Creation eversince. ~

NOTE: Protists are protozoans, green algae, seaweeds, and other unicellular organisms which comprise  Kingdom Protista. In modern classification  Protista gives rise to multi-cellular organisms under Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Animalia. Scientists have recently separated fungi as Kingdom Mycophyta. which also arises from Protitsta, whereas Protista crosses the border of bacteria and blue-green algae (BGA) which are grouped under Kindom Monera, the most primitive living things which have no organizd nuclei (prokayotes). Organisms under Protista and the other three kingdoms have organized nuclei (eukaryotes).  Thus protists link the prototype organisms and the multi-cellular organisms. 

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