Monday, March 13, 2017

Aesop lives in zoos.and gardens

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Hippo, a fiend or a friend,
when alive, and in stone;
can we conserve the wild
in memory of stone? 

A stone hippopotamus greets visitors at Bangkok's Safari World. 
Author's daughter Anna playfully poses for souvenir. ca 2005

A duo with dumb faces  and sultry eyes,
greets guests at feeding time,
a herd watches at  a distance, awaits;
to give or not to give a crime.

Bangkok's Safari World, ca 2005. 
What a reputation you have and your kin,
hawk, kite, owl - all birds of prey;
keen eyesight, sharp claws, hooked beak,
yet the most endangered today

 Sea eagle, La Union Botanical Garden, ca 1986
Fierce looking, yet shy this iguana
when hungry and begging,
darts on any thing, food-like thrown,
Aesop lesson in the offing. 

Iguana, Avilon Zoo, San Mateo Rizal, ca 2005

It's a log!  It's a rock!
 No, it's a crocodile!
in the swamp or hall,
it's the biggest lie.

Philippine Crocodile, Tagaytay Zoo, ca 2005

Skipper- relative of the moth and butterfly, 
yet neither nocturnal nor diurnal;
no wonder it's seen only at dusk time,
breaking away, never fraternal.

The skipper belongs to Lepidoptera like the moth and butterfly.  It is crepuscular, active only at dusk.  It has pairs of false eyes, a pair distinctly large on the front wings, designed to scare predators. Found at the UST Botanical Garden, Manila.

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