Sunday, February 26, 2017

Look what the tides can bring!

Dr Abe V Rotor


Beach erosion and siltation
Sand dune down the sea into a shoal,
     a mudflat as soft as quicksand;
brown after rain, grey in summer sun,
    rolling with the tide like a ball.  

Beer bottle rolling with the wave and tide.

It is like lullaby rolling back and forth;
     who cares, not even its owner -
Big Brother seemingly blind and deaf,
     living off on his small brother.  
Beer can strewn on the beach 

Among footprints in the sand a victim,
     crushed in promenade and fun;
once loved and served with great esteem 
    awaits a kindhearted man.  

The sea is still at its ebb

The sea is quiet in its ebb, but laughter
     on its lapping and hissing shore;
drifting weeds  and tools of human toil
    remind me of human nature.  

Garment washed on the beach

Whose garment this is, I may not know,
     it reminds me of a holy man though;
stripped and condemned to die, and lo!
     I find him here where the tide is low.  ~

NOTE: Photos taken by the author with Sony Cybershot
digital camera, at Morong, Bataan, April 25, 2014

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