Thursday, September 29, 2016

Life on the Farm mural speaks

Dr Abe V Rotor
Life on the Farm, mural by AVR circa 1995
       The mural speaks of 

- the fields turning gold in the sun at harvest time;
- the wind carrying colorful kites, big and small;
- the stream hissing on its path, murmuring on the rocks;
- the clouds carving faces and creatures to children's delight; 
- birds in the trees chirping at sunrise and at sundown; 

- the carabao being led from the pasture to its shed;
- haystacks growing at harvest like giant mushrooms;
- duhat time and the trees bearing children in their branches; 
- trees whispering in the breeze and cools its shade;
- old trees regarded sacred, home of the unseen spirits;

- mushrooms growing on punso guarded by dwendes;  
- a full moon and one swears he saw a kapre up in a tree;  
- frogs croaking for rain; soon the ponds and rivers are full;   
- the waterhole shrinking, and its fish being caught for viand;  
- herons flying and alighting among the carabao herd; 

- the kingfisher singing in sonorous and unwelcome tune;
- rain coming in downpour, the wind blowing - then calm;
- little helping hands make farm and household work light; 
- work and play on the farm are the same - they are all game;  
- the family gathers for the Angelus and at supper time. ~  

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