Sunday, August 28, 2016

Test the power of your third eye and eighth sense of naturalism.

Can you identify these enigmatic creatures?  
Dr Abe V Rotor
 I cling to the leaves on the nether side,
gnawing on its edible part, a parchment I create
to make a shingle out of it which I carry on my back, 
then transfer nearby for the next meal,
and another shingle, until I look like a pagoda 
sans base, moving from place to place, growing,
then I stop and rest; I remain in stupor.
then metamorphose, leaving my domain - 
I am male and I have wings to find a mate;
the female is wingless, she waits for a mate
at her door, lucky for me - for a brief romance,
then she withdraws into her temple
now a maternal nest, and our life cycle is complete.  
What am I?  

Obnoxious I look and smell no one dares to get near,
much less to pick me neither by beak nor tongue,   
for my enemies are few, so my friends - if I know;
you see, if you are ugly and dirty no one bothers you,
like anyone else not excluding some humans;
but in my case Nature designed me this way, 
and she thinks I'm beautiful, to me it is a gift of life;
surviving a cruel world.  I rest now and someday
I'll metamorphose into something beautiful 
in the eyes of humans, so beautiful and dainty
no one will ever ask what I was before.
What am I? 

Answers: Cryptothelea heckmeyeri Heyl (pagoda bagworm), will metamorphose into a moth; Papilio alphenol caterpillar on citrus leaves, will metamophose into a butterfly.  Bothe belong to Order Lepidoptera.

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