Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Rosary: the Song and Prayer

Dr Abe V Rotor

It is an old song, religious, meditative, calming. On piano the notes are easy to play by schoolchildren, and grand parents, too. On the violin, with or without piano accompaniment  the melody is plaintive, serene, with ascendant feeling of joy and reverence. Sing it and you will value it more.  The lyrics make a deep prayer. It's a favorite of great singers like Mario Lanza and Perry Como, and our own the late Diomedes Maturan.  Why don't you play My Rosary during invocation, either as background music, better still, as a song.    
A rosary hangs by a rear window of a car

The hours I spent with thee, dear heart
Or as a string of pearls to me
I count them over, every one apart
My rosary, my rosary

Each hour a pearl, each pearl a prayer
To still a heart in absence wrung
I tell each bead unto the end
And there a cross is hung

O memories that bless and burn
O barren gain and bitter loss
I kiss each bead and strive at last to learn
To kiss the cross, sweet heart
To kiss the cross. ~

Note: punctuation marks not indicated to give singer flexibility and freedom of expression and style.

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