Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Patch of Eden Series 4

Dr Abe V Rotor
Squash beetle (Epilachna), Order Coleoptera  

If I make you into a ring,
Necklace or earing,
I rob the garden of beauty
and myself of digtnity.

Plant lice (Psylla) Order Homoptera, 
scourge of ipil-ipil (Leucaena glauca).
Psylla, Psylla everywhere
on buds and twigs and all;
lice to eggs and eggs to lice,
in cycle bidding for time,
'til your inevitable fall
and your last host dies.

Sulfur butterfly (Terrias hecabe) Order Lepidoptera

Sulfur - that you got your name -
Amophous.  Beautiful.
Fancy. Bane.

Web spider (Class Arachnida) waits for prey

Arachne was jealous of your art, 
strung with pearls at sunrise
that snare the unwary of any size,
kin or foe, and nothing apart.

Brooding spider with egg mass. Class Arachnida

She protects her brood before the tempest,   
shepherds her tiny ones from the nest; 
ask Charles Darwin the explanation, 
and Robert Bruce a living lesson,

Colored tilapia (Tilapia sp)

Perhaps nothing is sweeter
than putting off for some time
the cares and troubles of the world,
for sweet nothings today - 
and only for today.

Juvenile toad (Bufo) camouflaged with cottony mass

A young toad on a drifting leaf
down the river of no return,
reaches some bank somewhere,
and that's its journey's end.

Annual cicada (Tibicen).  The male makes a shrilling 
call, attracting a would-be mate. Female cicadas 
of all species are dumb.     

The shrill of a Romeo, a love call since,
reverberates through trees, across the fields
until a maiden comes, obligingly yields; 
the singing stops, a new season begins,

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