Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Patch of Eden (Series 2) Article in Progress

The Ecological Sanctuary or EcoSanctuary is the laboratory of Nature. It is a replica of the natural world unspoiled by man, a patch of the lost Eden. 

Dr Abe V Rotor
Bird of Paradise (Heliconia latipatha Benth) Family Heliconiaceae
 They say you are a True Bird of Paradise
left after the Fall,
by one sweep of the mighty sword
that smite the sinful;
 truly you bear the color of that sword
as golden as your soul.

Camia (Hedichium coronarium) Family Liliaceae

Wings, wings - they are not all that fly; 
they fly in the mind, fragrance
riding in purest colors, as dewdrops
become nectar, and nectar to dewdrops
greeting the morning sun, 
shrinking, sinking and gone.

Lotus [Nelumbium nelumbo (Linn) Druce] Family Nymphaeaceae

If white is pure,
then what is color?

Mayana (Coleus blumei) Family Labiatae

Dress up quickly and beam with valor; 
youth is fleeting for the frail and bold;
play with the sun in kaleidoscope color,
after the equinox the wind grows cold. 

Red (Anthurium sp) Family Araceae

Mimicry is the name of the game,
all in survival's name -
defense and offense,
conceit and deceit - 
cloaked in beauty or nonsense.

A wild orchid
 In the wild beauty is simple and true.

Wild Bromeliad, Family Bromeliaceae

The forest would be dull without you, 
you hang on limbs, blossom on tree;
in your crown some little ponds lie,
oasis to fish, frog ans dragonfly.

Wild is your character like your domain,
save the pineapple, your only kind,
released from your ancient gene pool,
tamed and loved by mankind.
 Gumamela, Centennial series (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn) Family Malvaceae
Like a giant bell spliced,
once adored for its sound,
a call for a nation's stand,
now blood red and 
 Gumamela, Centennial series (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn) Family Malvaceae

If only blood can wipe out blood,
and only tear can heal;
where is joy in reverence, its glory,
and a heart set free?
 Gumamela, Centennial series (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn) Family Malvaceae

Frolic while it's May,
before the sun's last ray;
blessed is the blossomed hour,
for this ephemeral flower

Mulberry (Morus alba) Family Malvaceae

In perfect mimicry
of friends and foes, 
winged and hoofed - 
they pair your genes;
they spread them
over the land
in pure chance -
and biology.   
 Screw pine (Pandanus sp) Family Pandanaceae

Go forth and multiply, 
as your body dies bit by bit,
your genes are passed on
to your offspring, 
before the tomb is sealed. ~

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