Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sex of the baby in the womb is known by the looks of the mother.

Dr Abe V Rotor

You can predict the sex of the baby while it is still in the womb by the appearance of the mother. 

If the mother looks beautiful, the baby is likely to be a girl, if it is the opposite it's going to be a boy.

The formula seems easy enough, but the criteria of beauty are relative, and if one is not familiar with the person, he may not have sufficient basis of comparison.  

But I am witness to one who might have the eighth sense.  I asked her and she explained.  "A mother who is carrying a baby girl exudes warmth and radiance, her skin is smooth, her eyes bright and has an easy and positive disposition."  She pointed at her specimen, a relative of hers. 

True to her prediction, the baby proved to be a girl.

Now it was my turn.  

A cousin of mine was five months pregnant.  I studied her intently. She did not have the radiance and disposition the expert found in the mother we had earlier studied.  Everything was the opposite.  "It's going to be a boy," I concluded confidently.  

I forgot all about it until my cousin paid a visit at home. A little girl was tagging behind.  I studied her little face as she peeped behind her mother's skirt.  She looked stern and sore from crying. 

It was no different from the face I saw five years ago.  

Acknowledgement:  Living with Folk Wisdom by AV Rotor; Internet photo     

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