Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lawin is Alive on a Backboard

 Dr Abe V Rotor

 Lawin (Philippine Hawk} in acrylic by the author 2016
I captured in painting this raptor on a backboard,
its wings spread and poised to play the game
with the kids, symbol of reverence for life,
and love for all creation, the principal aim.

I hear the kids amiably talking to the bird
in a language they understand each other;
the bird is orphan no more in their game
with each score in its favor and honor.~

Basketball is a favorite neighborhood game.  Lagro, QC

Note: Now and then, a pair of lawin hovers over Lagro to the delight of its residents of watching this endangered species in full view.  The habitat of lawin is the watershed of the La Mesa reservoir adjacent to the subdivision. It is to this bird that the emblem of a neighborhood basketball team is adapted, thus creating awareness of the bird's deplorable condition and its importance to ecology and Philippine culture.  A new organization of writers and artists in Lagro has been named after this bird as its acronym and symbol.

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