Thursday, March 17, 2016

Respite from a long walk. Take a break. Won't you drop by and say, Hello, to Nature?

Dr Abe V Rotor

Beat summer heat on the campain trail;
take a break by a living wall:
sailboats riding on the sea breeze, 
dolphins in playful race,
the sea beneath is full of life  -
why all the haste and strife? 

  Make believe water flowing to wash your hands
stream running down under your feet;
soothing is the ambiance of nature on a wall . 
having walked long an a busy street

Yours is the world of Nature even only for a while;
it invigorates, it recharges, it elevates
the sagging spirit, tired nerves, frayed muscles; 
find rest in the realm the mind creates.
Some food and water to the needy, 
make a oasis in a desolate city;
moreso a helping hand and company
bouy the spirit above pity. 

Refresh by a cold mountain stream
running down the grass;
be a part of the scene for a while 
          and just let time pass            

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