Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kite and Rainbow in a Duo

Dr Abe V Rotor 

Little Mackie and Teacher Joy take time out to pose with
the ambiance of a Nature painting at Joyful Beginnings
tutorial center at Lagro QC
They rule the sky one day,
rainbow and kite a duo;
up they go into the blue;
Over trees and hills, too.

Clicking sonorous song
of a loving hornbills pair
fill the air, echoes afar
return in the still air.

Murmur the stream over
rocks, hissing, meandering
on its way to the fields, 
and some ponds waiting.

Wonder a child in awe
and sweet innocence, 
while grownups know
the limits of their senses. 
Ephemeral are the two,
the rainbow brings rain,
the kite brings the sun 
in happy, peaceful reign. ~

Composite nature painting by the author. Living with Nature won for the author the 
Best Blog on Nature and Environment, given by the Philippine Blogging Award 2015
Art brings to life all things beautiful,

imagery in the inner eye;

the present binds the past and future,

 essential in a child’s mind.~

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