Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nature’s Glory through the Lens

Dr Abe V Rotor and Marlo R Rotor


A huge headless tower without its bell,

reminds us of the Tower of Babel.

 (Bacarra, Ilocos Norte)


Limestone bell tower glistens in the sun,

draws the faithful to hear its toll divine.  



Fortress of our colonial past preserved

victory reigns after the master is gone.



Grass huts by the sea on white sand

await seekers of solace and fun.

(San Juan Batangas)


Lazy boat and hut on a riverbank,

invitation to serenity and peace.

(Ormoc City)


Frolicking - game of the vibrant and young,

In sweet abandon, here and beyond.

(Ormoc City)


Bridge of sunrise and sunset, of two islands,

two cultures, two hearts across the sea.

(San Juanico Bridge, Leyte)


Service with compassion never dies, 

Like the phoenix bird ever alive.

 (Lung Center of the Philippines, QC) 


A piece of Nature in the city, here lies  

a bit of Eden in man’s hands to rise.

 ((Lung Center of the Philippines, QC) 


Under its roof, come those seeking comfort,

more than all things in life – hope.

(Lung Center of the Philippines, QC)


It flutters in haze to meet the sun,

kissing the flowers one by one. 

Sulfur butterfly (Pieres raphae)

A living bouquet in red and yellow hue,
gaily inflorescence of old and new.
Caballero (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)


Loves-me, loves-me-not, a game in nature,

quite often defies Fibonacci’s measure.  

Gummamela (Hibiscus rosasinensis)


Wonder, why this flower to others a poison?   

mystery of freedom and evolution,

(Nymphalid butterfly on Lantana camara, its host plant)



Two heads, two colors, weird, absurd,?

Our world is without Nature’s sweet lies. 

(Two-headed butterfly, Order Nymphalidae)


Its head and tail the same, it’s Janus friend,

save some dots for eyes to scare and reign.   

(White two-headed butterfly, Order Nymphalidae)


Wild, uncared, forgotten, save your sign:

berries make the finest red wine. 

Bignay (Antidesma benuis)


You mimic Achilles’ shield to intimidate,

with caustic odor you emit.  

Stink Bug (Nezara viridula)



Call for rain in sonorous love song,

the pond your kingdom in monsoon.   

Green Pond frog (Rana clamitans)


A face to study in either way –

man and bird are queer indeed.

Ostrich (Struthio camelus)


O’er river and sea, watchful for prey,

king of fishers fishermen agree.  

Common Kingfisher (Alcedines)


Fairy duster children are thrilled,

Puff for ladies, their dreams fulfilled.

Powder puff tree (Calliandra)


It dangles on a net to snare

Preys unwary in the air.

Orb Web Spider (Argiope)


Green and voracious throughout its youth,

metamorphoses into skipper or moth.

Nymphalid caterpillars (Family Nymphalidae)


Against a golden bell, it is dull and bent

over a well, sipping to heart’s content.

Wood moth (Family Xyloryctidae)

on Yellow Bell (Allamanda cathartica)



A veil of waterfalls tumbles all the time,
     in Nature’s rhythm and rhyme?
Oh, you are simply full of awe and joy.
     I wish I were forever a boy -
Waterfalls at Amadeo, Cavite


Clouds rise, I fall in the silence of grace

to hear the harps and violins and breeze, 

and feel transported in time and space.

Tacloban, Leyte



How can I pass across without stopping

      to see the sun glow its last ray?

How can I find rest under the reddening

     sky and pause a moment  to pray?

Sunset across Banaoang Pass, Santa Ilocos Sur


Flow gently, sweet little stream,
     and I will sing you a praise;
Flow gently down the little valley,
     and I’ll go with you in peace.

Mountain Stream, Patapat, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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